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When you need long term care we can help you protect your assets for the family you love 
When you need long term care we can help you protect your assets for the family you love 
We help you build your own bridge to a secure financial future 
Long Term Care & Estate Planning 
Going into long term care is not something anymore wants to think about, let alone have to sell a home to pay for it. 
There are legitimate ways to protect your assets for your loved ones but time is of the essence. You can't wait until it is almost time to go into the care home. It needs planning for now! 
We have the necessary Financial Conduct Authority permissions to provide Long Term care advice. We have attended extensive training and personal development courses to ensure that our solutions are legal, permanent and not open to scrutiny by HMRC. 
Estate planning is a key part of our preparatory work on your behalf in this situation, and when we meet to discuss your retirement planning we will introduce the potential situation should one or both of you need long term care. It is a bit like making a will, no one enjoys doing it but once in place there is nothing more to think about and the feeling of leaving your wealth to those you love to enjoy is a powerful feeling.  
We also work with individuals who have the powers of attorney, for a loved one, to help them make the right decisions at such an emotional time.  
"I feel confident in taking the advice and recommendations offered by Mark Tennant - with regard to the analysis and planning of my financial situation. This has been of particular importance over the last couple of years when I needed to set up a secure fund for later life planning. He is knowledgeable, experienced, honest and trustworthy and communicates well with people of different levels of understanding in this speciality." 
Ms LT, Lincolnshire, 
retired Pharmaceuticals professional 
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